Brake Pad KitMagneti Marelli’s all-in-one All Makes Brake Pad Kits come complete with stainless steel hardware for easier installation and less vehicle downtime, while reducing the possibility of premature wear-out due to worn caliper hardware. The high quality friction materials used allow for ultra-quiet braking and the elimination of that unsightly brake dust that appears on your rims from using lower quality materials. Available in semi-metallic and ceramic formulas, these brakes provide excellent stopping power and superior braking performance.


  • All-in-one hardware kit offers reduced repair time
  • Premium friction formulations provide clean and quiet operation
  • 100% factory installed shims deliver quiet braking
  • All stainless steel hardware prohibits rust, lasts longer
  • High temp moly-lube lasts the life of the pads
  • Premium friction formulations eliminate the guesswork
  • Premium pads and shoes eliminate brake squeal for applications where both ceramic and semi-metallic pads are called for
  • New brake hardware prevents brake pad wear, damage to caliper or disc and reduces stopping distance

Brake Pad Certifications and Testing

  • ISO 9001:2000 Certified
  • DEA (FMVSS 105)
  • LACT (Los Angeles City Traffic Testing)
  • SAE J2521 (Most Stringent Noise Testing)
  • VESC V-3 Testing (Vehicle Equipment Safety Commission Regulation V-3)
  • BEEP (Brake Effectiveness Evaluation Procedure Testing)

Use the Brake Pads and Shoes Application Guide to find the part number that corresponds with your needs, or call 1 (888) 903-6484 for assistance and additional rebates.

Available for all Makes and Models

Magneti-Marelli MSRP Wagner Raybestos Napa
1AMV301160 $91.70 QC1160 PGD1160C FNU UP8270X
1AMV100924 $66.70 MX924 PGD924M FNU UP7625X
1AMV301092 $109.00 QC1092 PGD1092C FNU UP7997X
1AMV101164 $83.35 MX1164 PGD1164M FNU UP8277X
1AMV101047 $83.35 MX1047 PGD1047M FNU UP7950X
1AMV300785 $126.00 QC785 PGD785C FNU UP7653X
1AMV301210 $91.70 QC1210 PGD1210C FNU UP8330X
1AMV101083 $100.00 MX1083 PGD1083M FNU UP7915X
1AMV301159 $126.00 QC1159 PGD1159C FNU UP8269X
1AMV100699 $117.00 MX699 PGD699M FNU UP7574X

Call 1 (888) 903-6484 to order and for additional rebates.

Available for all Makes and Models

Magneti-Marelli MSRP Wagner Raybestos Napa
1AMVS00791 $50.00 Z791 791PG FNP UP10790
1AMV201033 $100.00 MX1033 PGD1033M FNU UP7937X
1AMVS00855 $109.00 Z855 855PG FNP UP10855
1AMVS00752 $50.00 Z752 752PG FNP UP10752PB
1AMVS00771 $58.35 Z771 771PG FNP UP10771PB
1AMVS00795 $66.70 Z795 795PG FNP UP10795
1AMVS00599 $41.70 Z599 599PG FNP UP599R
1AMVS00745 $41.70 Z745 745PG FNP UP10742
1AMVS00846 $66.70 Z846 846PG FNP UP10846PB
1AMV400698 $126.00 QC698 PGD698C FNP UP7387AX

Call 1 (888) 903-6484 to order and for additional rebates.

Brake Pads and Shoes Application Guide