Brake ShoesMagneti Marelli All Makes Brake Shoes are all new and North American made. Our engineers and experienced brake experts have eliminated the guesswork with our premium friction formulation. The result is a clean and quiet braking system.

Use the Brake Pads and Shoes Application Guide to find the part number that corresponds with your needs, or call 1 (888) 903-6484 for assistance and additional rebates.


Available for all Makes and Models

Magneti-Marelli MSRP Wagner Raybestos Napa
1AMVS00791 $50.00 Z791 791PG FNP UP10790
1AMV201033 $100.00 MX1033 PGD1033M FNU UP7937X
1AMVS00855 $109.00 Z855 855PG FNP UP10855
1AMVS00752 $50.00 Z752 752PG FNP UP10752PB
1AMVS00771 $58.35 Z771 771PG FNP UP10771PB
1AMVS00795 $66.70 Z795 795PG FNP UP10795
1AMVS00599 $41.70 Z599 599PG FNP UP599R
1AMVS00745 $41.70 Z745 745PG FNP UP10742
1AMVS00846 $66.70 Z846 846PG FNP UP10846PB
1AMV400698 $126.00 QC698 PGD698C FNP UP7387AX

Call 1 (888) 903-6484 to order and for additional rebates.

Brake Shoe Application Guide