Oil Filter

Magneti Marelli All Makes Oil Filters provide optimum protection for the engine, with a high efficiency media that absorbs and traps dirt and solid particles. Following on trends set forth by the automakers, these premium filters – which meet OE fit and function – are smaller in height and diameter than many standard aftermarket filters, making them more environmentally friendly and easier to store while providing equal or better performance. Featuring a bypass valve for cold weather startups, an anti-drainback valve (where OE applications call for it) for dry starts and rubber seal gaskets that protect against leaks, these filters provide the ultimate in engine protection.
When changing the oil filter, also consider changing the air and cabin air filter regularly to get the most out of your car and your comfort.

  • Bypass valve reduces risk of oil starvation during cold weather startups*
  • High efficiency media traps harmful contaminants and provides protection to vital engine parts
  • Anti-drainback valve protects engine from dry starts*
  • Rubber seal gasket protects against leaks and reduces friction for easier installation
  • Reduced/Consolidated filter diameters and height following OE trend for adopting oil filter size standardizations while still meeting the desired fit and function.
  • Environmentally friendly due to less raw material usage

Use the Filter Application Guide to find the part number that corresponds with your needs, or call 1 (888) 903-6484 for assistance and additional rebates.

Available for all Makes and Models

Magneti-Marelli Price Wix Napa Fram
1AMFL00001 $5.85 51085 NGF 1085 PH16
1AMFL00002 $4.60 51040 NGF 1040 PH3387A
1AMFL00003 $4.60 51365 NGF1365 PH6017A
1AMFL00004 $4.60 51348 NGF 1348 PH7575
1AMFL00005 $4.60 51042 NGF 1042 PH3506
1AMFL00007 $4.60 51394 NGF 1394 PH4967
1AMFL00010 $9.15 51191 NGF 1191 PH3569
1AMFL00024 $5.85 51372 NGF 1372 PH2
1AMFL00025 $5.85 51356 NGF 1356 PH7317
1AMFL00029 $5.85 51515 NGF 1515 PH8A
1AMFL00032 $9.15 51522 NGF 1522 PH3675

Call 1 (888) 903-6484 to order and for additional rebates.


Magneti Marelli All Makes Cabin Air Filters feature a specially designed filter media that removes dust, pollen and airborne particles so you can breathe easier. With precise fit and seal, these filters offer consistent filtration performance throughout the entire service interval. They also come complete with detailed step-by-step installation instructions specific to your vehicle.


  • Low flow resistance provides optimum ventilation inside the vehicle
  • Consistent filtration performance throughout the entire service interval
  • Fit and seal comparable to OE part specification
  • Detailed fitting instructions for easy and fast assembly
  • Contains filter media specially designed to remove dust, pollen, and airborne particles (3 microns or larger) from air entering the passenger compartment of the vehicle\

Available for all Makes and Models

Magneti-Marelli Price Wix Napa Fram
1AMFC00001 $19.20 24790 NGF 4790 CF8392
1AMFC00002 $15.85 24815 NGF 4815 CF10134
1AMFC00005 $12.55 24488 NGF 4488 CF10285
1AMFC00015 $12.55 24882 NGF 4488 CF10361
1AMFC00019 $12.55 24517 NGF 4517 CF10134
1AMFC00020 $12.55 24689 NGF 4689 CF10329
1AMFC00027 $32.50 24868 NGF 4868 CF10136
1AMFC00029 $15.85 24871 NGF 4871 CF10374
1AMFC00030 $19.20 24816 NGF 4816 CF10137
1AMFC00033 $19.20 24900 NGF 4900 CF10139

Call 1 (888) 903-6484 to order and for additional rebates.



Keep vehicle engines clean with Magneti Marelli’s All Makes line of quality Air Filters. Magneti Marelli Air Filters feature low flow resistance and optimum dirt separation efficiency to ensure the highest engine performance. Featuring specially embossed pleats in the filter media, this unique design allows for maximum airflow while trapping harmful dirt. With reliability through the entire service interval, the filter also features gaskets that provide a tight seal and only allow clean air to reach the engine.


  • Precise fit and seal ensures only clean air reaches the engine
  • Filter media specially designed to remove dust, pollen and airborne particles
  • Specially embossed paper pleats maximize air flow and dust capacity
  • Low-flow resistance provides optimum ventilation
  • Consistent filtration performance throughout the entire service interval

Available for all Makes and Models

Magneti-Marelli Price Wix Napa Fram
1AMFA00001 $22.50 46418 NGF 6418 CA8004
1AMFA00002 $15.85 46678 NGF 6678 CA8755
1AMFA00003 $12.55 46616 NGF 6116 PPA4309
1AMFA00004 $12.55 46617 NGF 6117 CA7422
1AMFA00005 $12.55 46253 NGF 6253 CA8243
1AMFA00006 $8.35 46302 NGF 6302 CA7597
1AMFA00008 $15.85 46673 NGF 6673 CA9360
1AMFA00011 $12.55 46673 NGF 6153 CA8754
1AMFA00017 $8.35 46134 NGF 6134 CA5056
1AMFA00031 $19.20 49172 NGF 9172 CA10169

FUEL FILTERSCall 1 (888) 903-6484 to order and for additional rebates.

fuel filterMagneti Marelli’s All Makes line of OE-competitive fuel filters provides optimum filtration of contaminants. These filters are designed for optimized gas mileage and the highest vehicle efficiency.

  • Offers maximum cleaning
  • Provides maximum operational safety of injection system components
  • Provides reliable engine protection
  • Enables Long engine life
  • Maximum safety reserves
  • Insensitive to aggressive fuels

Available for all Makes and Models

Magneti-Marelli Price Wix Napa Fram
1AMFF00001 $12.55 33481 NGF 3481 G3727
1AMFF00002 $10.85 33311 3311 G7315DP
1AMFF00003 $10.85 33097 NGF 3097 G3800/G3802A
1AMFF00004 $12.55 33595 NGF 3595 G8018
1AMFF00005 $10.85 33296 NGF 3296 G3850
1AMFF00006 $10.85 33579 NGF 3579 G8219
1AMFF00009 $33.35 33518 NGF 3518 CS8629
1AMFF00011 $22.50 33559 NGF 3559 G7599
1AMFF00013 $19.15 33243 NGF 3243 G10166

Call 1 (888) 903-6484 to order and for additional rebates.


transmission filterMagneti Marelli All Makes Transmission Filters ensure the comfort, ease and security of a smooth shifting automatic transmission while prolonging the life of the fluid and the transmission.

  • Prevent clutch particles and metal shavings from causing internal damage
  • Prevent transmission failure
  • Minimizes wear and tear

Call 1 (888) 903-6484 for pricing and part numbers, available for all makes and models.

Filter Application Guide